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Group Avanzado 1 16:00-18:30

Group Avanzado 1 18:30-21:00

Exam revision: Thursday 15th June 18:00-19:00 Classroom 4

Infinitives vs. gerunds: changes in meaning:

Exercises 1
Exercises 2
Exercises 3
Exercises 4

Audio Achievement Test 4 (units 7-8):

Audio Achievement Test 3 (units 5-6):

Watch the video of "I will survive" again:

Watch the video about "Wannacry" virus again:

Watch Adele's video "If It hadn't been for love":

-BBC news: listen to the stories again and read the transcript:

-Watch the video about the hoax: prescription windscreens again:

-Watch the video about selfie shoes again:

-Watch the video about the arrested parrot again:

Example monologue:

udios achievement tests (for revision):
- Achievement test 1 (Recording 1, ex. 1 and 2):

- Achievement test 1 (Recording 2, ex. 3):

- Achievement test 2 (Recording 1, ex. 1 and 2):

- Achievement test 2 (Recording 2, ex. 3):


Mr. Clean:




Holiday websites for vocabulary related to holidays and travelling:
Alternative holidays
travel agency
More practice expressions for present and past habits:
past habits
present and past habits
more about present and past habits

Watch the video of "Somebody I used to know" by Gotye again:

Watch the BBC interviews about free time:

Watch the video of "When I was your man" by Bruno Mars:

Watch the video about Larry Smith and six word stories again, only until minute 8:

Watch the video about CNN stories again (we only listened from minute 6.35):

Watch the video of "Last Christmas" by Wham again:

Watch the trailer of Groundhog Day again:

Watch the trailer of Midnight in Paris again:

More practise for personal/impersonal passive constructions:
More theoretical explanation
Passive practice 1
Passive practice 2
Passive practice 3

Watch te video of "Dear future husband" by Meghan Trainor again:

Watch the video of "It's the end of the world", by R.E.M.:

Watch the video about The History of Thanksgiving again:

Listen to the BBC news again (november 2016):

Watch the video on the Longitude Prize again:

US Presidential Election 2016 Special. Watch the videos again:
US presidential election easily explained:

Trump vs. Clinton debate: sex, lies and videotape:

What is exactly Clinton's email saga about?

Listen to this radio extract and then answer the questions below?
Audio: The first 100 years:

Questions and transcript:

Watch the video about Trying new things in 30 days:

Watch the video of Bob Dylan's song "The times they are a-changing" :

Watch the interviews about people talking about sharing a flat again:

Watch the video about "speed flatmating"again:

Watch the video of "I gotta feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas again:

Por una Educación Pública de todos y para todos: